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Trump’s Impeachment with Super Lawyer Robbie Kaplan

Episode Summary

NOTE: Part of this conversation discusses sexual assault, which may be triggering to listeners. As the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump began in the Senate this week, Emily interviewed Robbie Kaplan about the ways that Trump is able to be held accountable now that he left office, which includes impeachment. In December, Robbie and her firm filed a Supreme Court brief defending the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania against claims of election fraud. The firm is also representing Mary Trump, President Trump’s cousin, and E. Jean Carroll, who has accused the former president of sexual harassment. Every week, Your Political Podcast brings you smart, but bite-size conversations with women at the seat of power and activism. With a new Presidential administration and new Congress, there is a significant amount of work to do cleaning up the bad policies of the last administration and enacting new ideas into law. Some ideas are new and some are the policies debated throughout the 2020 presidential race that we walked through with you. To catch up on our latest IG Live series, follow us on Instagram @YourPoliticalPlaylist