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Pandemic Healthcare with Dr. Alice Chen

Episode Summary

2020 showed just how important healthcare policy is which is why Emily sits down with co-founder and former Executive Director of Doctors for America Dr. Alice Chen to talk about the impact COVID-19 had on President Biden’s campaign when he became the Democratic nominee in the middle of a pandemic. Emily and Dr. Chen also talk about the prominent healthcare leaders in the new administration - including Dr. Fauci and Dr. Alice’s husband, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy - and what doctors are looking for and organizing around. Every week, Your Political Podcast brings you smart, bite-size conversations with women at the seat of power and activism. With a new Presidential administration and new Congress, there is a significant amount of work to do cleaning up the bad policies of the last administration and enacting new ideas into law. Some ideas are new and some are the policies debated throughout the 2020 presidential race that we walked through with you. To watch Sabrina’s interview, follow us on Instagram @YourPoliticalPlaylist.